Limousine Rental Tips For Your Atlanta Wedding

So you've met that special guy or gal and now it's time to start planning for the big day. One aspect of this day that often either gets overlooked completely or taken for granted is transportation. In this mini write up, I hope to provide a few tips that will help you and yours plan transportation for the big day.

If I had to put a number on it,I would venture to say that about 90% of the wedding calls we get are from the groom. I would also venture to say that these calls are usually within 30-60 days of the wedding and maybe a quarter of those calls are within a week of the wedding. Maybe 10% or less of the wedding calls are within a 48 hour time-frame of the big day.

This leads me to believe that wedding transportation is treated as a low priority item on the list by many. It gets put behind the food, pictures, venue, dresses flowers and entertainment. Without the right plan in place, transportation woes can turn that special day into a nightmare!

Heed to these suggestions and avoid the potential pitfalls:

  1. Treat Wedding Transportation As A High Priority

​Understanding the importance of wedding transportation for your wedding day is the first step in guaranteeing a smooth ride. Things to consider are:How many guests do you have attending?Are they flying in from out of town?How far is the wedding location from the reception hall?Will any guests need special accommodations (elderly/wheelc