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    Terms of service

Nature of the Rental Agreement. The Rental Agreement is between you and Atlanta Sprinters LLC dba ATL Sprinters.

Atlanta Sprinters rents to you the vehicle identified on the Rental Agreement ("Vehicle") subject to the Rental Record and these Terms and Conditions ("Agreement"). The Rental Agreement is one of rental only. 

You and any Authorized Drivers: 

(a) are not agents of Atlanta Sprinters; 

(b) may not transfer the vehicle or any rights or obligations under this Terms & Conditions;

(c) may not service or repair the vehicle without Atlanta Sprinters’ prior explicit approval.


Who May Drive the Vehicle. Only you and persons listed as “Authorized Drivers” may drive the Vehicle. No other person(s) may drive the Vehicle except in an emergency as permitted by law. All Authorized Drivers must be at least 25 years old (unless otherwise required by law or agreed to by Atlanta Sprinters) and possess a valid driver’s license and a valid proof of insurance. At Atlanta Sprinters' discretion, other qualifications may be in effect at the time and place of rental. Where permitted by law, Atlanta Sprinters may impose an additional fee of $10 for every authorized drivers other than you. There is a maximum of 10 additional authorized drivers per rental. 

Rental Period Vehicle Returns. The period of your rental of the vehicle, for a calculation of charges, begins at the time indicated on your Rental Agreement and does not begin when you take custody of the vehicle. The period ends when the vehicle arrives at the designated return location (“Drop Off Location” or “Drop Off”). If you return the vehicle later than stated in your Rental Agreement additional charges may apply. You must return the vehicle in the same condition as it was received (except for ordinary wear and tear) to the address designated by Atlanta Sprinters on the day and time specified in the Rental Agreement (“Drop Off Location” or “Drop Off”), or earlier if demanded by Atlanta Sprinters. In no event may you or any authorized driver keep the vehicle for more than thirty (30) days. IF YOU DO NOT RETURN THE VEHICLE AS REQUIRED, A CLEANING CHARGE, DROP-OFF CHARGE, AND/OR RATE CHARGE SHALL APPLY. Failure to return the vehicle when due terminates Atlanta Sprinters' permission for you to use the vehicle, and where permitted by law, terminates any insurance and/or waiver coverage provided with this agreement. Atlanta Sprinters and Atlanta Sprinters' employees or agents may recover the vehicle without demand and at your expense, if it is illegally parked, appears abandoned, or is used or obtained in violation of law or of this Terms & Conditions. Atlanta Sprinters will not be liable to you or any authorized driver for damages resulting from such recovery. If permitted by law, you waive any right to a hearing or to receive any notice of legal process, as per condition for Atlanta Sprinters recovering the vehicle.

Responsibility for Loss of or Damage to the Vehicle. 

(a) Regardless of fault, you are responsible for the loss of or damage to the vehicle except for ordinary wear, unless the damage or loss results from failure to exercise reasonable care by you or any authorized driver. Damages or losses you are liable for include but are not limited to the cost of repair up to the vehicle’s value, its loss of rental use and related revenue, diminished value, towing, storage, impound fees, and all other related costs. 

(b) Your own insurance or credit card company may cover all or part of your financial liability for damages or loss to the vehicle. You should review the scope of your insurance coverage(s), what deductible may apply, and shall provide that information to Atlanta Sprinters as requested by Atlanta Sprinters. 

(c) If the vehicle is not returned to Atlanta Sprinters for any reason, including an alleged theft, you are fully liable for and shall reimburse Atlanta Sprinters for the vehicle’s value. 

(d) You agree to protect the vehicle from vandalism and theft while the vehicle is in your possession or is being rented to you. 

You are responsible for the vehicle, and you agree that you shall: 

i) close all windows, lock all doors and arm the vehicle’s security system (If present) before leaving the vehicle for any length of time, no matter how brief. 

ii) park the vehicle only in areas that are safe and secure. 

iii) keep the vehicle’s ignition key at all times only in an authorized driver('s) possession. 

iv) not leave the Vehicle’s ignition key in the ignition, door, or trunk when the vehicle is not in use. 

v) not give the vehicle’s ignition key to any parking valet attendant or another person who is not an authorized driver. 

vi) not make a copy of the vehicle’s ignition key. 

vii) park the vehicle in a secure parking structure, garage, driveway, hotel parking lot or other secure parking lot and not park the vehicle overnight on the street. 

viii) not leave personal effects (e.g., cameras, video recorders, gifts) or valuables in the vehicle so that they are visible to the outside while the vehicle is unoccupied or unattended. 

(e) In the event of a mechanical breakdown or malfunction, you (or an Authorized Driver as applicable) will cease operation of the vehicle at the first sign of mechanical trouble. In such an event, you will contact Atlanta Sprinters immediately. 

(f) Any service to, or replacement of, a part or accessory of the vehicle may only be done with Atlanta Sprinters’ prior written approval. You are fully responsible for the payment and liable for any unauthorized repair(s) you performed to our van and for any damage, accident or injury caused thereby. 

(g) If you or an applicable authorized driver smells oil, gasoline, or any kind of burning, you/they agree to, in a safe manner, immediately stop the vehicle and call Atlanta Sprinters for roadside service. An Atlanta Sprinters technician or an appointed agent will come out and inspect the vehicle and make arrangements for a replacement vehicle if one is available. In the case of fire, you agree to immediately call the fire department, then promptly call Atlanta Sprinters. 

(h) You agree to immediately report, to the applicable jurisdiction police department, all accidents involving any bodily injury or property damage. 

(i) In the event of an accident causing any damage or bodily injury, you agree to notify Atlanta Sprinters immediately, fill out Atlanta Sprinters’ Damage Form and set forth in writing a detailed explanation of how the accident happened and identify all witnesses. If this cannot be done in person, you will do so by phone or email within 24 hours of the accident.

 (j) You will not authorize or attempt any repair(s) to the vehicle without Atlanta Sprinters’ prior written approval. You are fully responsible for and liable for any unauthorized repair(s) and any damage caused thereby. 

Prohibited Uses of the Vehicle; Other Permissions. Any use or treatment of the vehicle, as prohibited in sections 4 or 5, will (i) breach this agreement. (ii) will make you fully responsible for Atlanta Sprinters' damages, costs, and fees, including attorney's fees resulting from the breach. (iii) void any insurance protection provided by Atlanta Sprinters under this agreement. Subject to applicable law, you and authorized drivers may NOT permit the vehicle to be handled, driven, or operated: 

(a) by anyone other than an authorized driver possessing a current and valid driver’s license (i.e. not suspended or revoked). 

(b) by anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other substances that affect the ability to drive. 

(c) outside of the United States without Atlanta Sprinters' prior written permission, off road, on any unpaved road, race-track, to tow or push anything, or for driver training purposes. 

(d) to transport persons for compensation (unless you are in the regular business of doing so, have informed us of such, are properly licensed, permitted and insured, or with us named as an additionally insured under your insurance policies), 

(e) in any speed test or contest. 

(f) in connection with conduct that could be charged as a felony. 

(g) in a willful, wanton, or reckless manner.

(h) if the vehicle is obtained from Atlanta Sprinters by fraudulent or false means.

(i) to transport hazardous or explosive substances.

(j) when overloaded or improperly loaded.

(k) without using seat-belts and/or required child restraints.

(l) when leaving the vehicle unattended without removing the keys, and locking all doors, windows, and trunk.

(m) when using the vehicle would cause damage (e.g., warning light on, flat tire, steam rising from the engine). 

(n) in connection with any conduct that is illegal.

(o) to drive in or through a structure where there is an insufficient clearance of height or width. 

(p) to drive vehicle if cargo is improperly loaded and/or secured (q) with more passengers than than available seats; Upon any breach of this Terms & Conditions, Atlanta Sprinters may repossess the vehicle without previous notice and you shall return the vehicle immediately if requested by Atlanta Sprinters.

Repossession: (a) Atlanta Sprinters may peacefully repossess the vehicle without demand or notice to any renter at any time if: i) the vehicle is used in violation of the law. ii) the vehicle is used in violation of any term or condition of this agreement. iii) the vehicle reasonably appears to be abandoned. iv) the vehicle is illegally parked and/or subject to towing. v) the vehicle is not returned as required by sections 2 and 3. vi) the renter is convicted of DUI or receives an excessive amount of tickets (i.e. more than 2 per month). 

(b) You grant Atlanta Sprinters the right to enter the premises, residences, or other property under the control of renter for the purpose of repossession of the vehicle; and renter shall not interfere with Atlanta Sprinters in such case. 

(c) If the vehicle is repossessed/recovered by Atlanta Sprinters or is left at a location other than the designated return location, the renter is responsible and will reimburse Atlanta Sprinters for all costs of transporting the vehicle to the designated return location. Such costs include, but are not limited to, the costs of a driver, his/her lodging, and meals. 

(d) Renter(s) is liable for and will reimburse Atlanta Sprinters for all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by Atlanta Sprinters associated with recovering the vehicle regardless of whether it be from the renter(s), governmental authorities, or otherwise.

Payment Policy: A non-refundable $1500.00 minimum down payment or a 10% down payment, whichever is higher, will be made with a credit card to hold your reservation. If a valid cancellation (please read cancellation policy below) shall occur, the down payment may be used towards a future rental within six months of the original reservation date. In certain circumstances, the down payment may be the full (100%) rental balance, such as if your reservation is made less than one week (7 business days) prior to your rental. Debit Cards are not accepted unless the full (100%) rental amount is paid upfront plus a $2500.00 deposit. When paying with a credit card, the remaining of your rental balance is due no later than your rental pickup date. If paying by credit card, your account will be charged 7 to 14 business days prior to your scheduled pick up of the vehicle. Additionally, a minimum of  $1500.00 deposit will be charged to you before your scheduled rental date in the form of an authorization hold for incidentals. The authorization holds and/or deposits will be returned in full as soon as it is determined that no extra charges need to be applied post rental. You authorize Atlanta Sprinters to charge your credit card invoice pre and post rental, for but not limited to cancellation fees, additional miles, extended rental days, damages, parking tickets, toll tag fees, tolls, toll violations, downtime and any related administrative fee. The deposit will only be released after the charges have been processed by our merchant services, typically 1 to 7 business days after the charge has been applied. If the post rental fees can not be recovered, via your credit card on file, your deposit will be charged and the renter(s) will remain liable for the balance due including late fees and applicable interest. Additional mileage, fuel and/or damages will be calculated once the vehicle you have rented has been retrieved from it’s return point and has gone through it’s final inspection. An invoice will be sent, via email, 2 to 7 business days post rental with your final payment due. A one-time Late Fee in a value of 5% of the amount owed to Atlanta Sprinters applies for all debts older than 7 days. Additionally, all overdue amounts shall bear interest at the lowest of 1% per day or of the maximum amount allowed under applicable law. 

Cancellation/Refund Policy: All cancellations must be made in writing a minimum of two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the reservation and/or Rental Agreement pickup date. The full down payment amount will apply and be owed to Atlanta Sprinters but can be used for a future rental, within the next six months from the original reservation date. If the cancellation is made less than two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the reservation and/or rental agreement pick up date, the full down payment amount will apply and be owed to Atlanta Sprinters, and it can not be used towards a future rental. If the cancellation is made less than one week (7 calendar days)  prior to the reservation and/or rental agreement pick up date, the FULL (100%) balance of the rental will be due and owed to Atlanta Sprinters, and it can not be used towards a future rental. Delivery, transfer, one-way fees, and/or our driver’s scheduled flights are non-refundable. Atlanta Sprinters reserves the right to cancel any reservations/bookings before or during the rental. There are no refunds for vehicles returned early or before the Rental Agreement due date. Atlanta Sprinters is not responsible and/or will not issue any refunds for manufacturer based issues with the vehicle. 


Payment of Charges; Other Charges. If you direct the charges to be billed to someone else or to a credit card. Any change of a Credit Card prior, during or after the rentals, will have charge of $25 per change. You will need to submit a new Credit or Debit Card Authorization for every time you change the card hold on file. You represent and warrant that you are authorized to do so. If you use a credit card to pay for charges, YOU AUTHORIZE Atlanta Sprinters TO RESERVE CREDIT AND TO PROCESS AN APPROPRIATE VOUCHER WITH THE CARD ISSUER for all estimated charges at the time of the rental, for all additional charges at the completion of the rental, for damages that were not submitted and paid by your insurance, and for corrected charges upon audit and notification by Atlanta Sprinters where permitted by law. If the person or organization you direct us to bill fails to pay the charges when due, you agree you are hereby guaranteeing their obligations and you will promptly pay the charges immediately. Charges not paid when due or paid by a check that is returned to Atlanta Sprinters unpaid will be subject to a late payment fee as described in Section 7 and/or returned check charge of $125.00 per each failed payment as partial reimbursement to Atlanta Sprinters for related administrative costs. You are responsible for and you will pay Atlanta Sprinters immediately all amounts incurred, in relation to your Rental Agreement, of your rental of the vehicle,including but not limited to the following: 

(a) all time and mileage charges as computed on the rental record with mileage determined by reading the vehicle odometer. 

(b) all charges for taxes, permits, service and equipment, excessive wear and tear, keys locked in the Vehicle, and optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or insurance products when purchased. 

(c) for each lost key, an amount of $550.00 plus postal or delivery charges if applicable. 

(d) a refueling charge of $125 minimum or at the rate specified will be charged if you do not purchase fuel from Atlanta Sprinters (Full Tank Specials, Half Tank Specials, or Quarter Tank Special) and you return the vehicle with less fuel than when you took possession of it. The daily rental rate does not include fuel. 

(e) all fines, penalties, forfeitures, attorney fees (unless prohibited by law), court costs, and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Atlanta Sprinters unless due to fault of Atlanta Sprinters. 

(f) all charges related to loss of or damage to the vehicle as specified in your Rental Agreement. You are also responsible for all loss or damage to the vehicle, regardless of fault or cause, occurring during the period beginning when the vehicle is initially provided to you and ending when the vehicle is returned to the custody of Atlanta Sprinters. 

(g) all reasonable costs (including but not limited to: parking charges, parking citations, towing, third party vehicle rentals from other companies, the rental of another of our vehicles as well as the transfer to and from the Renter(s) current location, taxis and public transportation, storage and impound fees, insurance deductible) arising from: i) the vehicle being returned or left at any location other than the designated return Location. ii) your breach of this agreement. iii) the vehicle being seized by a governmental authority, if such seizure arises from your conduct. iv) normal maintenance of the vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance plans and schedules; or v) damage to the vehicle which occurs during any period that Atlanta Sprinters grants you access to the vehicle. vi) Atlanta Sprinters reserves the right to transfer the van to the shop it considers more convenient. You will be financially liable for that transfer. 

(h) all legal fees incurred by Atlanta Sprinters or associated with recovering the vehicle, regardless of whether from renter(s), governmental authorities, or otherwise.

 (i) all parking or traffic violation fines incurred during the period starting from when you or an authorized driver takes custody of the vehicle and ending upon its return to the custody of Atlanta Sprinters. Further, as a reasonable estimate of the administrative costs related to the management of any fines, you agree to pay to Atlanta Sprinters a $75.00 fee for each fine managed by Atlanta Sprinters. 

(j) in the event the vehicle arrives back to the designated return location more than 59 minutes after the return time indicated on your Rental Agreement, then 1) if the period it is overdue is less than 3 hours then you will pay an additional fee equal to 50% of the standard daily rental price for that particular date, 2) if the period is 3 hours or more but less than 24 hours then you will pay an additional fee equal to 100% of the regular daily rental price  , and 3) if the period is 24 hours or more, then you will pay an additional fee equal to 150% of the daily rental price that was originally quoted to you or third parties for each day (a partial day shall be rounded up to a full day). Further, in the event that due to the unavailability of the vehicle, costs are incurred such as a discount to a party that was to rent the vehicle on its return or costs to procure a replacement vehicle, you will be responsible for such costs.

(k) in the event the vehicle is not returned in a condition of cleanliness that is the same as when initially received by you, you agree to pay a $275.00 cleaning fee. Our vehicles are smoke free vehicles. If the vehicle returns with evidence of smoking (for example: butts, smell, ash, burning evidence and tobacco remnants) you allow Atlanta Sprinters to charge up to $1500.00 to the credit card Atlanta Sprinters has on file for the reservation. If the vehicle returns with signs of other smoking substances (for example marijuana, cigars, or other heavily odored substances) you allow Atlanta Sprinters to charge up to $1500.00 to the credit card on file for the reservation. The amount charged will be left to the discretion of Atlanta Sprinters.

(l) In addition renter(s) will pay an administrative fee (‘Occurrence Fee’) per occurrence of damage to the vehicle, to Atlanta Sprinters, even if this results from an error or false testimony of the renter(s). No matter who is responsible for the damage or accident, the renter(s) will pay the administrative fee forgoing. If the total amount owed to Atlanta Sprinters, including but not restricted to repair of the damage, downtime, transfer fees, impound fees and other related charges, is equal or less than $500.00, the Occurrence Fee will be of $75.00. If the total amount owed to Atlanta Sprinters is above $500.00 but equal or less then $2,000.00, the Occurrence Fee will be of $150.00. If the total amount owed to Atlanta Sprinters is above $2,000.00 but equal or less then $10,000.00, the Occurrence Fee will be of $375.00. If the total amount owed to Atlanta Sprinters is above $10,000.00 the Occurrence Fee will be of $975.00 

(m) the renter(s) is liable for all losses of income from rentals scheduled for the vehicle he possessed incurred due to damages to that vehicle whether the damages were caused by the renter or any other person for any reason or cause. Renter agrees to pay a daily Down-time fee of $500. The count of days will start at the agreed returned day settled before the rental commenced until the day the vehicle is returned to any of our locations after being fully repaired and being completely operational and safe to drive. 

(n) charges may be applied to the card on file for the reservation long after the invoice is issued, as the amount charged depends on when Atlanta Sprinters receives the balance due or invoice from a third party which includes but is not limited to auto shops, dealerships, the DMV, contractors, roadside assistance, and insurance companies. Those charges could include but are not limited to Insurance deductibles, any charge that was not covered by the insurance as well as damages that were found long after the return of the rentals as long as those damages can be proven to be caused during the time the van was in your possession. 

(o) failing to pay any charge agreed on this Rental Agreement is considered a refusal of payment which includes but is not limited to disputing any credit card charge. The applicable fees and interest rates will be added to your bill and charged to the card on file. 

(p) all charges related to loss of or damage to extra items provided to your Rental Agreement, including but not limited to the TV/DVD, Control Remotes, Vehicle Registrations and/or Insurance Card. A $75.00 administrative fee will be applied for lost or damaged extra items additional to the cost of the new item bought to replace the lost or damaged one. You hereby authorize Atlanta Sprinters to charge your credit cards for all costs or fees reimbursable or payable to Atlanta Sprinters under this agreement. All overdue amounts shall bear interest at the lowest of 1% per day or of the maximum amount allowed under applicable law. 

Accidents, Theft, Vandalism, and Claim Reporting. You must immediately report to Atlanta Sprinters any accident, theft, or vandalism to the vehicle and to the police in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. You must promptly deliver, to Atlanta Sprinters, any documents related to such incidents, whether they are received by you or any authorized driver. You and authorized drivers will cooperate fully, with Atlanta Sprinters and its insurer, in investigating and defending any claim or lawsuit; and will provide the name of your and the authorized drivers’ insurer, FAILURE TO COOPERATE MAY VOID ANY LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE AND ANY LIMITATION OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE. Where permitted by law, you and all authorized drivers authorize Atlanta Sprinters to obtain any records or information relating to any incident, consent to the jurisdiction of the courts where the incident occurred and waive any right to object to such jurisdiction. 

Personal Property Indemnity and Limits on Liability; Your Indemnification of us.

 (a) Regardless of who is at fault, you agree (i) that Atlanta Sprinters, their affiliates, employees, and agents (the foregoing being the “Atlanta Sprinters Indemnified Parties”) are not responsible to you or any person for loss or damage to your or their personal property left, at any time, in, on, or about the vehicle or Atlanta Sprinters' premises. (ii) to waive all claims against such parties for loss or damage. (iii) to release, indemnify and hold such parties harmless from claims arising from or relating to such loss or damage, whether or not said loss or damage was caused by or related to the negligence of Atlanta Sprinters or vehicle malfunction. You assume all risk of such loss or damage and waive all claims against Atlanta Sprinters arising from such losses. 

(b) You acknowledge that Atlanta Sprinters does not agree to nor represents that it will indemnify or insure you, or any other party, against any claim for bodily injury or property damage caused to any third party and you, shall solely be liable for such claims. 



Liability Insurance and related indemnity. All designated drivers have to provide proof they have valid driver's insurance covering rental vehicles. Atlanta Sprinters reserves the right not to accept Renters Drivers Insurance through a credit card or a company insurance covering all Additional Drivers. Lessor's policy will provide Contingent Liability Insurance for bodily injury or death and property damage for the Lessee or other designated drivers on Rentals Agreement, but only if Lessee or other designated driver; (1) has no other available insurance or self-insurance, whether primary, excess or contingent, or if the Lessor's policy provides coverage only up to the minimum financial responsibility limit required in the state in which the loss occurred. (2) has other available insurance less than minimum financial responsibility limits, the Lessor's policy is excess only for the amount by which the limits required by statute exceed the limits of the Lessee's or other designated driver's insurance, or retained limit. Lessor's insurance applies only in the United States and Canada. Lessee must obtain written permission, and purchase special liability insurance, to use or operate the rental vehicle in Mexico. Where permitted by law, Lessee rejects uninsured, underinsured, supplemental personal injury protection, and no-fault coverage. WHERE PERMITTED BY LAW, LESSOR HAS ELECTED NOT TO CARRY UNINSURED AND UNDERINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE. Where Lessor is required to provide such insurance, Lessee is afforded the minimum limits required by law. Lessor does not cover any liability imposed by worker's compensation or similar statute. You must call the police to the scene of any accident involving the vehicle immediately and make a written report of any accident to Lessor no later than 24 hours after the occurrence or after termination of this Agreement, whichever occurs first. You must cooperate with Lessor's insurance company. Any breach of this Agreement will void any insurance coverages. Atlanta Sprinters reserves the right to cancel the rental anytime if the proof of insurance is not provided by the renter and/or if the renters insurance proofs not to have comprehensive or collision coverage. 

Use of Photography : Atlanta Sprinters is granted permission by you to use photos and video recorded and submitted to Atlanta Sprinters. The use of the photos and video may include reposting and posting and emailing and printing the photos and videos on social media websites and emails and printed materials. 

Additional Terms and Conditions; Modification / Waiver; Severability: (a) Any change, modification, or waiver of any term or condition of this Agreement is null and void unless set forth in writing signed by you and Atlanta Sprinters at the beginning of the rental. Such writing must express an intention to be incorporated into this agreement or to amend this agreement. (b) If any part, term, or provision of the Rental Agreement shall be held void, illegal or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining parts, terms or provisions shall not be affected thereby. A copy of our Terms & Conditions is available UPON REQUEST. By signing below, you agree that you accept our Terms & Conditions. 

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