Frequently asked questions

Rentals & Pricing

How much does a typical sprinter rental cost?

Please visit our rentals page for more specific pricing. Pricing will vary based on length of time vehicle is needed for, along with specific dates and vehicle types.

Do you ONLY offer rentals for Sprinter Vans?

We rent Mercedes Benz Sprinters, Cadillac Escalades, and Minibuses. Daily and hourly rates vary

Are you open 24/7?

We have 24/7 availbility for vehicle dropoff's, hourly chauffeured service and call center support. Our physical office location's are typically open from 9A-5P M-F and 10A-2P on Saturdays

Do I need a special license to rent a Sprinter?

No- all you need is a VALID driver's license along with proof of insurance. ALL drivers must be over the age of 25

What is the maximum and minimum rental duration?

The minimum rental day without a chauffeur is 24 hours. The minimum rental day with a chauffeur is 4 hours. There is an unlimited maximum rental duration; you can rent a sprinter as long as you'd like.

Insurance Requirements

Do I need insurance to rent a Sprinter Van?

Yes, most insurance policies cover our vehicles, but it's best to check. Most of our Sprinter vans are either 4-6 Wheel Mercedes 2500 or 3500 Series Vans. If your insurance does not cover the vehicle, we may be able to offer you insurance.

How much is insurance if I decide to purchase through ATL Sprinters?

Insurance rates start at $50/day depending on the level of coverage and the vehicle. All rates are based on the driver approval

How many drivers can I have on my rental?

If using our own insurance, ONLY approved drivers are allowed to drive the Sprinter. If using your own insurance, only drivers that you have on your policy may drive

Do's and Dont's

Is food and drink allowed on the vehicle?

For most rentals -yes! Please check your agreement for more information. Greasy,oily and other foods which leave residue or excessive odor's in the vehicle may attract a cleanup fee.

Is Smoking allowed on any of your vehicles?

We maintain a smoke free environment, including ALL of our vehicles. Smoking any substance in any of the vehicles is prohibited and will attract a smoking fee. Please refer to your agreement or account manager for pricing.


How much is due to reserve a vehicle?

For chauffeured service, a $250 security deposit is due to reserve any vehicle. For daily rentals without a driver, deposits start at $500 depending on vehicle type and duration of rental.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major forms of payment. For cash payment, a card must still remain on file. Valid ID may be required at the discretion of management for certain transactions

What is the processing fee?

Why do you charge double the others?

Sprinter Van Amenities

What comes in a standard rental?

Sprinter Van Sizes

How small is your smallest Sprinter?

Our smallest capacity Sprinter van seats 6 people in the rear cabin area, 1 driver and a co-driver, making a total of 8 people

How big is your largest Sprinter?

Our largest Sprinter seats 15 people - 13 people in the rear cabin area, 1 co-driver and a driver

Do you have bigger vehicles?

The next step up from a Sprinter van is our minibus,which seats 20-31 people comfortably plus a driver

How big is the luggage space in the Sprinters?

The standard Sprinter vans have enough luggage space for 12-15 carry on bags OR 8-10 golf bags. The luxury Sprinters have the same dimensions, except the cargo area is partitioned and completely seperate from the passenger area


How far in advance can I make a reservation?

We typically start taking reservations 3 months in advance for certain vehicles.

Sprinter Maintenance

What type of fuel do your Sprinters use?

All of the Sprinters use diesel fuel. Please save ALL your fuel purchase receipts for every rental