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The US Masters Gold Tournament popularly referred to as the Masters is one of the most star studded golf events in America. It is the ONLY major golf tournament in the world held at the same time and place once a year - the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. 

Augusta is a little over 2 hours away from Atlanta and this years Masters Tourney will take place on April 2nd  through April 8th, with Monday being a practice day.

Atlanta Sprinter Group Transportation to Augusta National Gulf Club

Badges secured, hotels reserved and confirmed, and flights booked. You have gone through the checklist of everything you need for your trip to Augusta and now you're all set - right? But wait, what happens when you touch down in Augusta? How do you plan on getting around? Who will drive you or your group around?

Allow ATL Sprinters to provide your small group private chauffeured transportation with a Sprinter from Atlanta to Augusta. We can pick up at any airport or residence in the Metro Atlanta area. We provide an unparalleled level of service and can meet you at the airport with our professional greeters.


Your traveling group is in great hands with ATL Sprinters and we can provide Sprinter Transportation directly to the golf club in Augusta. Arrive in Augusta in style, riding in one of our 7-12 passenger Sprinter Vans fully equipped with a wet bar, Wi-Fi, and complimentary refreshments.

Reasons To Choose ATL Sprinters For Your Transportation To The Masters

  1. Uber will not be as ubiquitous as you think: The masters is a global event,so expect there to be an exodus of traffic from all around Georgia. Sure there will be plenty of Uber drivers ready to assist with your transportation. But we all know what comes with Uber- the unreliability of the drivers and inconsistency of the experience can lead to a frustrating outing. With ATL Sprinters, we are sure to deliver and be on your beckon call around the clock.

  2. Drink and be driven: One of the not so spoken of perks of attending the Masters, is the price of snacks and beer. Unlike going to a ball game, the concession stands in Augusta during the Masters is relatively cheap. Cheap beer prices plus golf and the beauty of the scenery in Augusta lead to a dangerous driving scenario. indulge as much as you can and allow ATL Sprinters to do the driving.

  3. Don't take a chance on a Rental Car: If you plan on renting a car in Augusta and you have not booked months in advance, just forget about it. Your best change at getting a car rental for the Masters Tournament would be to rent from Atlanta at the airport. If you are traveling with a group and need transportation for 8 or more people, it might be challenging trying to rent a 12 passenger van in Atlanta. With expected price surges to be over 50% and limited availability, ATL Sprinters may be the most viable option for group Sprinter transportation for the Masters.  

  4. Save on costs with group transportation: Moving around in Augusta can be a bit of a challenge for the novice traveler. ATL Sprinters trained drivers have years of experience in the area and know all the ins and outs of Augusta. Around this time of the year, traffic is horrendous and many restaurants and finer establishments are impossible to get into. ATL Sprinters has the relationships and can make your next trip to Augusta pain free.



Eliminate the headache and unpredictability of driving and allow ATL Sprinters to get you and your group to Augusta in style. To learn how to book your next reservation for Sprinter Shuttle or Limousine Transportation to Augusta, give us a call or text at 678 974 9803.

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